Profession: Country doctor

drfrenetteportrait.jpg In the 19th century, practicing medicine did not stop at seeing patients in their medical office. It means going to the bedside of the sick, of the wounded or of the woman who was about to give birth, both day and night, in good weather and in bad, across a territory that goes from Amqui to Matapédia, in the case of Dr. Frenette. With his university training, he can perform from general medicine to surgery, and because of his great inner qualities, such as his kindness and his courage, he is an outstanding country doctor.

Thus, he makes diagnostics, does obstetric exams, sets fractures, teaches good hygiene, pulls teeth, makes medication, and even treats farm animals, which was of major importance back then, and he must also see to the administration of public health. During his long career, the Dr. Frenette treats all the members of the families, from the elderly to the newborn.

Nonetheless, the methods of payment vary; the patients pay per treatment, in advance or by paying a yearly charge, the villagers preferring to pay in cash while the farmers generally exchange goods and services. That is the way it was in the times of this country doctor.

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