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Right in the middle of extravagant and mountainous landscapes of Charlevoix, more precisely in La Malbaie, Joseph Frenette was born on the 22nd day of October 1866.Inclined to practice medicine as well as to humanitarian gestures, Dr. Frenette moves with his family to Causapscal, then in full development, in 1905, becoming the first doctor to live in the village. The year 1907 marks the year when he purchases this house where, with his wife and children, he settles down and establishes his medical office. Dating back to the end of the 19th century, the Second Empire-style house remains modest. Here, four more children are born into the Frenette family.While Corinne, wife and assistant to Dr. Frenette, is passio­nate about music, flowering plants, family evenings where she enjoys playing the piano and the organ, making and embroidering ornaments for the church; the doctor, on his part, is captivated by bird watching, religion and literature. He even composes, as the days go by, an unpublished tale especially for his children, to whom he obviously passes on his love of nature, fishing and animals.Considered as a reference by the important people of the village because of his education, the Dr. Frenette keeps himself up-to-date with the progresses of medicine. He also devotes himself to writing, getting his inspiration from his love of nature and life, and from his memories and his faith. Deep inside he is truly a great poet; he will nonetheless remain in the dark to the detriment of his great humility.

Extending his career over more than 60 years, this devoted and valiant country doctor passes away at the age of 87, as he figures among the oldest practicing doctors in Québec. The good Dr. Frenette will have written his pages in history… the history of medical practice in Québec, the history of the Vallée de la Matapédia.

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