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A rich medical heritage in Causapscal


Joseph Frenette (1866-1953) practiced as a country doctor, a profession that has since disappeared, in Causapscal. Objects, texts, photographs, as well as multimedia presentations will help you enter his universe and understand the important role of the country doctor for the history of Quebec.

In 1948, a banquet was held to celebrate the golden wedding of Dr. Frenette and his wife Ms. Corinne Desmeules. Dr. Roland Desmeules, medical superintendent and department head for the Hôpital Laval of Quebec, stated:

« Il y a 57 ans que vous pratiquez la médecine de campagne, la plus difficile, la plus pénible qui soit. Permettez à un praticien de ville de s’incliner devant vous, pour votre labeur continu, les responsabilités écrasantes que vous avez portées et le bien que vous avez accompli humblement et sans relâche. »

Taken from the La frontière de Rouyn newspaper edition of July 23, 1948

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